Guest Comments

Good morning Gary,

Candy and I wanted to pass on a note to you about our visits to your ABVI!!

This is our 3rd year coming here for an extended stay. We first came here because we have enjoyed our stays at ABVI’s across the country. Our contracts take us to every point in our great country. Most of them do NOT hold up to what you have managed to build up here in Tucson.

When we know we are coming this direction it is like coming home.. We have been able to get to know several of the ABVI Tucson Family and it is a wonderful feeling to come here to familiar faces and names. When we hit exit 262 we actually shout out loud WE’RE HOME!!!!

So from Both of us to all of you THANK YOU for being our “Second Home”..

Joe and Candy.

Thank you
Joe T. Gollette
Triple L Logistics, Inc